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April - May - June

from 160,00 Euro per day per person

Fly fishing for carp in alpine lakes is an extraordinary experience. Fishing takes place on sight, in shallow and clear water, looking for the approach to carp, and waiting for them to feed. Fishing takes place in the meadows flooded by the spring rains and in the shallow water flats that begin to heat up with the summer sun.
The window that allows you to fish for fly carp is very narrow: the season is exclusively April, May and June and a very small window with the rains of September.
The landscape and the environment is truly wonderful and the carp are of a unique wildness.
“our Guides go fishing every week on the waters we propose, they know and experience the seasonal pattern and every small change of the rivers: the water levels and the seasonal hatched make fishing difficult to interpret, and that is where it is essential the work of the Guide. The result of the day of fishing in terms of satisfaction, fishing experience and cultural growth depends on the Guide who accompanies you. It often happens that the deep knowledge of the Guide puts you in a position to be successful even in the most difficult season. Our Guides offer theirs customers the service they would claim themselves when facing a fishing trip”. Gianluca Bonomi, owner Alps Store & Fishing Services

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    • Highlights of the trip
    • Fishing season
    • Included/Excluded
    • Reservation
    • Activities
    • Gallery

    Fly fishing for Queen Carp, Mirror Carp , Tench, AmurCarp
    Lombardy region directly on the mountains in front of Lake Maggiore Varese
    Typical regional cultural and gastronomic products
    Enormous touristic activity also for families and non-fishermen accompanying persons.
    Fishing guide service offered to individual fishermen only
    Semi-professional photo service included.

    Duration of the trip:
    from 1 to 5 days

    Fishing season:
    April, May, June, September

    Recommended season:
    April, May, June

    What’s included:
    Fishing Guide Service with accompaniment (the duration of the fishing day varies according to the seasons, but it is never less than 8 hours)
    Pick-up at the meeting point and processing of authorization procedures (fishing license and access permit to the waters)
    Semi-professional photo shoot

    What is excluded:
    Italian fishing license (cost € 23.00 per fisherman and valid for one year)
    Cost of water access permit (20,00 / 30,00 Euro per fisherman per day)
    Any other element not indicated under “what is included”

    Reservations, deposits and payments:
    The deposit is Euro 100.00 of the travel price unless otherwise specified in the itinerary. Deposits can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.
    The balance of the cost of the trip is due upon meeting our Fishing Guide on the agreed date. The balance can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or PayPal.
    All prices must be paid in Euros

    Planning information
    Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive planning information to guide you in preparing for your trip. Details on arrival and departure, clothing and equipment, trip cancellation insurance, pre and post trip extensions, visas, documents and activities are included in the planning information.

    Cancellation and refund policy
    the following minimum cancellation fees will apply:
    Days before scheduled day:
    30 days 100% refund of the deposit
    15 days 50% refund of the deposit
    0/14 days no refunds
    Alps Store reserves the right to change an itinerary due to adverse circumstances such as weather conditions and watercourse conditions. In the unlikely event that Alps Store has to cancel a scheduled tour, all payments received to date will be refunded, which constitutes a full balance.
    Alps Store is not responsible for the expenses incurred in preparing any canceled trip, including air tickets and visa fees.

    children under 18 enjoy a 50% discount on the prices indicated: however, they must be accompanied by a parent, who pays the full fee.

    Safety conditions
    Each client assumes responsibility not to use drugs or excess alcohol during the Fishing Guide session. Fishing is organized with the best safety conditions, dimensioning the experience according to the general health conditions of each client. Our Guides are aware of the minimum First Aid guarantee conditions and are able to connect in a few minutes with the local Hospital Health Systems. However, each client must guarantee under his own responsibility to face the experience with the minimum conditions of good physical and mental health. COVID containment procedures prohibit customers from participating in the experience if they are in quarantine or have symptoms attributable to the COVID disease.
    The obligation to comply with the protection and protection measures must be guaranteed by each customer.

    Passports and documents
    in addition to the legal identification documents, no documents are required.

    Equipment and clothing
    You will receive a detailed list of the appropriate equipment with tour planning information once the experience is confirmed.

    Fly fishing in the Italian Alps
    Fly fishing in the Italian Alps is an exhilarating experience. We offer Fishing Guide services on the entire panorama of the Italian Alps.
    In addition to trout and grayling, pike, perch, zander, barbel and carp can also be attacked with fly fishing.
    The main effective techniques are dry fly fishing, nymph and Euronymph fishing, streamer fishing.

    Non-fishing activities:
    The Italian Alps are framed in a varied tourist context. Countless cities, villages, towns, ancient villages offer an impressive panorama seasoned with the characteristic Italian hospitality and the unmistakable Italian Lifestyle.
    Take some time to absorb the incredible scenery and learn about the history of the Italian regions and connect easily with the Italian tourist, gastronomic and cultural circuits.

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