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Asp & Predator – 1 Day – Drifting Fishing in SESIA – 7/9 Hours – One day trip

All years

From 250,00 Euro per person - 6/8 hours - One day trip

Fishing for Asps & Predators drifting in Italian Po Valley and tributary SESIA Valley is an extraordinary experience. Fishing takes place on sight, in shallow and clear water, drifting with a floatable boat looking for the best approach to Asps & Predators (Catfish, Cubs, Pikes, Zander, and big Barbs). Fishing is excellent throughout the summer, from late spring to late autumn. Winter is an exceptional season because the biggest asps are caught in the winter.
Alps Store offers the fishing guide service for Aspi & Predators on various rivers of the Po valley, such as Ticino, Adda, Mincio, Oglio, Sesia.
Drifting is about 17/19 km long and includes about 6/7 hours of descent in One day trip.

All security systems are guaranteed by Alps Store.
The landscape and the environment is truly wonderful and Asps & Predators are of a unique wildness.

Lombardy is the first Italian region by river extension. The great collector of the water flows that cross it, forming the pre-alpine lakes, is the Po river, the longest Italian waterway, which for about 260 kilometers marks the southern border of the region, plowing the territory of the Pavia and Mantua provinces.
– TICINO The first and most important tributary of the Po is the Ticino river, a tributary of Lake Maggiore and its only outlet. Ticino flows in the provinces of Varese and Pavia
– Sesia, a predominantly Piedmontese river, which for a few tens of kilometers marks the border with Lombardy in correspondence with the provinces of Pavia and Vercelli:
– ADDA flows entirely in Lombardy, bathing six provinces along its 313 kilometers and forming, along its path, Lake Como, of which it is also an emissary. The river has a torrential character in the initial stretch and, once out of the Lario, in correspondence with the Naviglio di Paderno, built starting from the sixteenth century to allow commercial vessels to overcome the jumps and obstacles of the river and therefore connect the Lake of Como to Milan through the Navigli system.

– OGLIO river crosses the entire Valcamonica and forms Lake Iseo. Finally, it flows into the Po after having in turn received the flow of the Mella and Chiese rivers – the latter tributary and emissary of Lake Idro.
– MINCIO Emissary of Lake Garda, the Mincio is bordered by a network of cycle and pedestrian paths that allow tourists to visit the wide range of natural environments created by its path and the rare animals that inhabit them. Once you reach the plain, the Mincio gives rise to the three Mantuan “lakes” before flowing into the Po, of which it forms the last tributary from the left.

Of no less importance for the hydrographic structure of the region, for sporrtive fishing in drifting and for the flow of the Great River, of which they are tributaries or sub-tributaries, in Lombardy also flow:
– Olona and the Lambro of which the former yields its waters to the latter through the Lambro Meridionale, its largest tributary;
– Brembo, which, with its four spring branches, collects the waters that descend from the upper Brembana Valley and then enters the Adda after about 70 kilometers;
– Secchia, the only right confluent of the Po river, in the Mantuan Oltrepò;
– Serio flows entirely in Lombardy, crosses the provinces of Bergamo and Cremona and flows into the Adda in the locality of Bocca Serio in the municipality of Montodine (Cremona).

“our Guides go fishing every week on the waters we propose, they know and experience the seasonal pattern and every small change of the rivers: the water levels and the seasonal hatched make fishing difficult to interpret, and that is where it is essential the work of the Guide. The result of the day of fishing in terms of satisfaction, fishing experience and cultural growth depends on the Guide who accompanies you. It often happens that the deep knowledge of the Guide puts you in a position to be successful even in the most difficult season. Our Guides offer theirs customers the service they would claim themselves when facing a fishing trip”. Gianluca Bonomi, owner Alps Store & Fishing Services.

Alps Store offre il servizio di Guida di pesca rivolta principalmente agli Aspi (occasionalmente siluro, luccio, enormi barbi, cavedani, zander). La pesca si svolge driftando a scendere nei fiumi Ticino, Sesia, Adda, Oglio, Mincio ed in determinate condizione anche nel Po.

Si pesca con una nostra Guida specializzata, che manovra il gommone Neptune dotato di motore 4 Cv elettrico, in tutta sicurezza .

Ogni Drifting dura circa 7/9 ore e si può pescare sia a mosca che spinning oppure casting. Tutte le dotazioni di sicurezza sono garantite da Alps Store.

Attenzione: l’uscita in drifting è sempre subordinata alla corrette ed ottimali condizioni di sicurezza, quindi non è praticabile con condizioni meteo avverse (temporali o particolari piogge) e condizioni straordinarie di acqua alta (piene e livelli idrometrici abnormi)

Per ogni informazione sulle stagioni e periodi e per programmare la propria uscita, chiamare in Negozio al numero 338 7224173

Richiedi informazioni

    • Highlights of the trip
    • Fishing season
    • Included/Excluded
    • Reservation
    • Activities
    • Gallery

    Durata: 6/8 Hours

    Fly fishing and Spinning (Bait lure) for Asps, Catfish, Barbs – Occasionally Pikes, Zander, big Chub.
    Po Valleys and Tributaries Valleys are a very big region directly close tu the biggest cities in North Italy such as Milan, Tourin, Bergamo, Brescia, Mantova, Cremona, Piacenza, Novara.
    Typical regional cultural and gastronomic products and enormous touristic activity also for families and non-fishermen accompanying persons.
    Fishing guide service offered to individual fishermen only
    Semi-professional photo service included.

    Duration of the trip:
    from 6/8 hours

    Fishing season:
    All year

    Recommended season:
    Asps: June, July, August, September, December,  January,  February

    Catfish: March, April, May, Novembre, December (depending water levels)

    What’s included:
    Fishing Guide Service with accompaniment, using of Neptun floatable boat, Electrical Engine
    Pick-up at the meeting point and processing of authorization procedures (fishing license and access permit to the waters)
    Semi-professional photo shoot

    What is excluded:
    Italian fishing license (cost € 23.00 per fisherman and valid for one year)
    Cost of water access permit (20,00 / 30,00 Euro per fisherman per day)

    Renting of fishing gears as Rod, Reels, Lures and Flies

    Any other element not indicated under “what is included”

    Reservations, deposits and payments:
    The deposit is Euro 100.00 of the travel price unless otherwise specified in the itinerary. Deposits can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.
    The balance of the cost of the trip is due upon meeting our Fishing Guide on the agreed date. The balance can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or PayPal.
    All prices must be paid in Euros

    Planning information
    Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive planning information to guide you in preparing for your trip. Details on arrival and departure, clothing and equipment, trip cancellation insurance, pre and post trip extensions, visas, documents and activities are included in the planning information.

    Cancellation and refund policy
    the following minimum cancellation fees will apply:
    Days before scheduled day:
    30 days 100% refund of the deposit
    15 days 50% refund of the deposit
    0/14 days no refunds
    Alps Store reserves the right to change an itinerary due to adverse circumstances such as weather conditions and watercourse conditions. In the unlikely event that Alps Store has to cancel a scheduled tour, all payments received to date will be refunded, which constitutes a full balance.
    Alps Store is not responsible for the expenses incurred in preparing any canceled trip, including air tickets and visa fees.


    Safety conditions
    Each client assumes responsibility not to use drugs or excess alcohol during the Fishing Guide session. Fishing is organized with the best safety conditions, dimensioning the experience according to the general health conditions of each client. Our Guides are aware of the minimum First Aid guarantee conditions and are able to connect in a few minutes with the local Hospital Health Systems. However, each client must guarantee under his own responsibility to face the experience with the minimum conditions of good physical and mental health. COVID containment procedures prohibit customers from participating in the experience if they are in quarantine or have symptoms attributable to the COVID disease.
    The obligation to comply with the protection and protection measures must be guaranteed by each customer.

    Passports and documents
    in addition to the legal identification documents, no documents are required.

    Equipment and clothing
    You will receive a detailed list of the appropriate equipment with tour planning information once the experience is confirmed.

    Fishing in the Italian Po Valley:
    Fishing in the Italian Po Valley is an exhilarating experience.
    The main effective techniques are Fly fishing with little streamers and Bait Lure Fishing (spinning and casting).

    Non-fishing activities:
    The Italian Po Valley is framed in a varied tourist context. Countless cities, villages, towns, ancient villages offer an impressive panorama seasoned with the characteristic Italian hospitality and the unmistakable Italian Lifestyle.
    Take some time to absorb the incredible scenery and learn about the history of the Italian regions and connect easily with the Italian tourist, gastronomic and cultural circuits.

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